When you add an RSS feed, you have 2 options:
You can have your posts automatically publish when a new item comes into the feed, or
You can have your posts from the feed go into your Drafts folder (requires manually publishing posts)

Most people prefer option 1.

Why would I want to have posts go to my Drafts folder instead?

There are 3 main reasons some users choose to have posts go to the Drafts folder:

It allows you to pick and choose which posts to publish (rather than publishing everything that comes from their RSS feed)
It allows you to customize posts to your liking, such as editing the title or adding hashtags
It gives you full control on exactly when your posts get published

The other publishing options are to have posts from your feed publish:

with an image and link
with just an image
with just the link preview

Why would I want to post with just an image?

The most common use case is when posting to Instagram, where links in posts are not clickable anyway, so you may prefer to have it post with only the image.

Why would I want to post with just the link preview?

When posting to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, posts with just a link (and no image) publish with a clickable link preview.
If you post with an "image attachment and link", the image in your post will override the link preview - which some people do not prefer.

What is the difference between an image and a link preview in a post?

This is a link preview:

This is a post with an image:

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