Why do I need to connect to Facebook when connecting Instagram?

Facebook owns Instagram, and only allows Business Instagram accounts to be connected through a linked Facebook Page.

If you are having issues connecting a Business Instagram account, there are 3 important things to double-check:

Is your Instagram account linked to a Facebook Page?
You can confirm this in your Facebook Page settings under "Instagram Settings". If it is not linked, you can link it there. Note that only 1 Business Instagram account can be linked to 1 Facebook Page.

Make sure that your account does NOT show "Review Connection" here. If it does, click the "Review Connection" button and follow the steps.

Are you an Admin of the linked Facebook Page?
To check your role, go to "Page Roles" in your Facebook Page settings.

Are you sure your Instagram account is a Business account?
Please make sure your Instagram account is a Business account, and NOT a Creator account or Personal account.

NOTE: Only Business Instagram accounts that have been connected to a Facebook Page are supported for direct publishing. To convert your personal Instagram account to a Business account, click here. To connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram Business account, click here.

NOTE: Your Instagram account must be a Business account. Creator accounts and Personal accounts are not supported for direct publishing.

Another tip:

When connecting, click Edit Settings and make sure all of your Instagram accounts are checked

If your Business Instagram account is already linked to a Facebook Page and you are still having issues, try unlinking the Instagram account from the Facebook Page, then linking them again (linking them from the Facebook Page settings).

Afterwards, try to connect the Instagram account in OneUp.

If you have confirmed and tried everything above and you're still having issues, follow the steps listed here

I am still having issues connecting a business Instagram account?

Facebook is currently aware of an issue affecting some users when trying to link a Facebook Page and business Instagram account, and then connecting it to a social media scheduling tool.

Here is a workaround the Facebook team recommends using:

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