Currently, OneUp does not have a way of customizing the post for each social network while scheduling.

However, one easy workaround is to schedule a post to all the social networks you want, which will queue up seperate posts for each social network.

While the post is still in your queue, you can then edit each individual post to your liking from the queue before it goes live.


For example, let's say you are posting to Facebook and Instagram, but want to add hashtags to only the Instagram post.

You could add the post without hashtags, select for it to be posted to both Facebook and Instagram, and then schedule it for at least a couple minutes in the future. (If you choose Post Now, you won't have time to edit the post)

Once done, two different posts will appear in your queue: the Facebook post and the Instagram post.
On the Instagram post, click "Edit Post" inside of the dropdown arrow.

You can now add hashtags to your Instagram post. These edits will not be applied to the Facebook post.
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