UPDATE: Google now allows chains to schedule GMB posts for the time being:

More info can be found here: https://developers.google.com/my-business/content/posts-data


Google My Business currently does not allow businesses to schedule posts if they are considered a chain by Google's internal detection.

Here are the rules stated in the Google My Business API guide:

Typically, businesses with fewer than 10 locations can successfully publish Google My Business posts through OneUp. However, we have seen cases where businesses with more than 10 locations are able to successfully publish Google My Business posts through OneUp, and also cases where businesses with fewer than 10 locations cannot.

OneUp (and all other scheduling tools) use the GMB API to post on GMB. This means that if your GMB location is categorized by Google as being a part of a chain, posts through OneUp will fail to publish.


How come I can post on GMB natively though?
GMB treats native posts differently than posts that are published through their API. This rule does not affect native posts.

I run an independent franchise location of a larger business. Does this rule still affect me?
Unfortunately yes, as long as Google has you categorized as a part of the larger business.

What if I only schedule posts to 1 or 2 locations at a time?
Unfortunately it doesn't matter if you schedule posts to only 1 location at a time. If GMB has your business categorized as a chain, posts through OneUp will not work.

Will it work if I try using another GMB post scheduling tool?
Unfortunately this limitation affects all GMB scheduling tools.

Will GMB change this rule?
We sure hope so, but there is no way for us to know.

Can I be notified by you when GMB changes this rule?
Of course, you can input your email in the form here: https://blog.oneupapp.io/schedule-google-my-business-posts-to-more-than-10-locations/

My business is not a chain, but Google seems to be categorizing me as a chain. How can I contact them and get this fixed?
You can contact the GMB API team here: https://support.google.com/business/contact/api_default
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