If you have an existing Bit.ly account, you can connect it to OneUp to automatically shorten all of your links. If you don't have one, they're free! Go grab one at Bitly.com.

If you have Bit.ly connected, you can also use it to track clicks on your links. Just log into your account on their page, and check out their analytics!

To connect your Bit.ly account to OneUp, go to Accounts and click "Connect" under "Connect your Bit.ly account"

After connecting your account, Enabe Bit.ly as your shortening option.

Note: You will be prompted to grant OneUp authorization via Bit.ly.

After you enable Bit.ly as your URL shortener, any link that is posted through OneUp will automatically be converted to a Bit.ly, allowing you to track number of links and detailed analytics in your Bit.ly account.
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