Posts to Facebook and Instagram will be supported in OneUp in September 2022


Years ago when OneUp was under different ownership, Facebook did not like the fact that OneUp allowed users to post directly to Instagram accounts (because their API did not officially support it yet).

Instagram's API now supports it, and has supported it for a long time now.

However, Facebook is still not happy about what happened years ago, and has sentenced OneUp to Facebook jail until September 2022.

Facebook has confirmed with us that OneUp's Facebook and Instagram integrations is eligible to be restored in September 2022.

(Facebook did a complete audit of OneUp and found that we are in 100% compliance of their API, which is why OneUp is eligible for reinstatement in September 2022)

When exactly will Facebook and Instagram be supported?

Facebook has said that OneUp is eligible to have our integrations restored on September 16th, 2022. We hope that they are restored on that day, but unfortunately we don't know exactly what day it will happen. It should be within a few days of that date though.

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