OneUp supports direct posting to Instagram and Instagram Stories.

To connect your Instagram account, click the Instagram button on the Accounts page of OneUp, and follow the directions to download the OneUp Account Connect Chrome extension. Google Chrome is required to connect your Instagram account.

Note: You only need to use Google Chrome to connect your Instagram account. After the account is connected, you can use any browser you wish.

After, log in to your Instagram account on your computer, then press the OneUp Chrome extension icon to connect your Instagram account to OneUp.

Note: You must be logged into OneUp in Google Chrome when connecting your account.

So when you are connecting your Instagram account, you should have a Google Chrome window open with OneUp in one tab, and Instagram in another tab. Make sure you are logged in to both.

Help video:

Instagram does not allow links in posts, so any URLs will not be hyperlinked.

Instagram has a limit of 30 hashtags per post. Any posts with more than 30 hashtags will fail to post.

Instagram requires an image in each post.

Currently not supported on OneUp:

Instagram posts with multiple images in the same post
Videos posted to Instagram
Adding captions to your Instagram Stories
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