Creating a Posting Schedule allows you to set predetermined timeslots for your posts.

When you choose "Add to Posting Schedule", that post will be added to the next available timeslot under that category and account.

The Posting Schedule feature is only available on the Growth plan, Business plan, and Enterprise plan. You can upgrade plans by going to Settings => Upgrade Plan.

To create a Posting Schedule, click on a "+".
For example, if you want to create a timeslot at 2PM on Mondays, you would click here:

Next, you will be able to select the Category, the exact posting time (if you prefer 2:03 to 2:00, for example), and which accounts you want this timeslot for:

If you want to create this time slot for every day or just weekdays, that can be done as well.

When you are done, click the Save button, and you will see the timeslot created on your Posting Schedule.

To add a post to your Posting Schedule, choose "Add to Posting Schedule" when scheduling a post.

It will then be added to your next available timeslot for the category and account(s) selected.

In this example, the post would get scheduled for this Monday at 2:03 PM for the 2 accounts selected.
If another post were to be added to the Posting Schedule for these accounts, it would get scheduled for the following Monday at 2:03 PM.

When adding a post to your Posting Schedule, remember to choose the right category and account that the Posting Schedule was created under.

If you choose "Add to Posting Schedule" and choose a category+account combination that does not have a Posting Schedule created, the post will go to your Drafts folder.


If I choose "Add to Posting Schedule", can I still set that post to repeat?
Yes, you can still choose for posts added to your Posting Schedule to repeat. The post will repeat at the frequency you set based on the date and time it gets published.
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