How to post automatically using RSS feeds

First, go to Auto-post from RSS feeds in the Schedule Post dropdown

Click "Add new feed", then enter in your RSS feed URL here. If you are having issues with your RSS feed URL, check here.

Then choose a category, and the account(s) you want to post to.

Selected accounts will appear solid, unselected accounts will appear grayed out.

In this example, accounts 1 and 3 are selected, accounts 2, 4, and 5 are unselected.

Next, choose whether you want it to publish just the most recent post from this feed, or whether you want it to queue up all posts now (up to the max) from this feed.

The maximum number of past posts OneUp can queue up depends on the RSS feed settings, but this number is often 10.

No matter which option you select, OneUp will automatically check this feed for new posts once every 12 hours. If there is a new post, it will be published.

Note: If you need OneUp to check for new posts more often than once every 12 hours, that can be done on a custom plan. Please ask customer support via the chat.

Last, choose your preferred interval between posts.

This is where you set how many minutes between posts you prefer if 2 or more posts come into the queue at once.

Note: This is NOT how often OneUp will check for new posts. That is set to 12 hours, and can only be changed on a custom plan.

For example, if you choose Queue up all posts now (up to the max) and it schedules the 10 most recent posts from your RSS feed, then this is the number of minutes between each of those 10 posts.

If you want those 10 posts scheduled to post one per hour, you can choose 60 minutes.

If you want those 10 posts scheduled to post one per day, then choose 1440 minutes.

Moving forward, the interval between posts is also what will be used if there are multiple posts found in the feed during the same fetch.

For example, lets say you have an RSS feed already hooked up to OneUp, with an interval between posts of 60 minutes set.

If this RSS feed recently had 2 new posts added, when OneUp fetches those posts, it will post the first immediately, and schedule the second one for 60 minutes later.

Here is a video showing you how it works:

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