Depending on your plan, you'll be able to schedule a certain number of posts in advance. This is not a weekly or monthly limit, it's the number of posts you can store in your queue at any one point in time.

Let’s say you are on the Starter Plan and already have 150 posts in your queue. You will not have the option to add any more posts. However, as soon as one of your posts gets published, you will be able to schedule another post and top your queue back up to 150.

If, for example, all 150 of your posts get published, you would be able to schedule up to 150 more posts.

If I schedule 1 post to 3 different social networks, does that count as 1 scheduled post or 3 scheduled posts?
That would count as 3 scheduled posts.

How are repeating posts counted?
Repeating posts only count as 1 scheduled post at any given time.

So if I schedule a post to repeat 5 times, does that count as 1 scheduled post or 5 scheduled posts?
That only counts as 1 scheduled post.
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