Yes, OneUp supports Instagram Stories 😊

Stories must be published via notification to your phone (see below for more info). Unfortunately Instagram does not allow scheduling tools to publish Stories directly.

To schedule an Instagram Story, choose "Schedule Instagram Story" from the Schedule Post dropdown:

Then select which Instagram account(s) you would like to schedule this Story for, and add your image or video:

Then choose when you want to schedule this Story:

When the scheduled time comes, you will receive a notification on your phone about your Instagram Story being ready.
Tap that notification, and your Story will open in the OneUp mobile app:

Click "Share this on Instagram" and your image or video will open in Instagram.
Choose the "Story" option:

Then click the "Your Story" option:

That's it! Your Instagram Story is now posted 😊

Are swipe up links supported if I have over 10,000 followers?

Yes, you can simply add the link to your Story when after getting the mobile notification from OneUp.

Can I cross post my Instagram Story to my Facebook Page's Story?

Yes, you can link your Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories by following these steps, and then simply schedule your Instagram Stories

Click here for the main Instagram account connection guide.
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