Request contains an invalid argument
This error can be one of a few reasons:
1) Google My Business doesn't allow you to post through its API. According to its guidelines, any business or brand categorized by Google as a chain is not allowed to schedule posts at this time. This is determined by Google's internal chain detection. More info on this can be found here.

2) Your image is either too large or too small for Google My Business.
Minimum size of 500 x 400
Maximum size - 2120 x 1192
To check the size of your image, click here:

GIF's are not allowed on GMB.

3) You have more than the maximum 1500 characters allowed in a Google My Business post.

Request is missing required authentication credential. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential. See
This error means your Google My Business account needs to be reconnected. On the Accounts page of OneUp, click the "Refresh" button of the GMB account.

Creating/Updating a local post is not authorized for this location
Make sure that your Google My Business location has been verified. We have seen some cases where businesses have duplicate listings of the same location, and accidentally connect the wrong one to OneUp. If you have duplicate listings, make sure the correct one is connected.

Some industries such as Tobacco and Hotels are not allowed by Google My Business to publish posts.

Missing or invalid image file
If you get this error, it usually means your image was too large or too small for Facebook's API.
Try to keep your image under 2048 x 2048 pixels. To check the size of your image, click here:

On rare occasions, images under 2048 x 2048 pixels may still get this error. Try rescheduling the failed post.

If you scheduled this image via the OneUp Chrome extension, the issue may be that you scheduled a thumbnail of the image, rather than the full size image. To avoid this happening again, try right-clicking and opening the image in a new tab, then scheduling with the Chrome extension.

(#200) Requires either publish_actions permission, or manage_pages and publish_pages as an admin with sufficient administrative permission

(#200) Insufficient permission to post to group
If you get this error, you must first add OneUp to your Facebook Group's apps.
Follow the steps here: How to post to Facebook Groups using OneUp

(#200) If posting to a group, requires app being installed in the group, and \ either publish_to_groups permission with user token, or both manage_pages \ and publish_pages permission with page token; If posting to a page, \ requires both manage_pages and publish_pages as an admin with \ sufficient administrative permission

(#200) Permissions error

You need to re-authorize your Facebook permissions.

You can do so by following the steps here:

Authentication Failed
This means you need to hit the "Refresh" button on the Accounts page of OneUp.

Error Validating Access Token: The session has been invalidated because the user changed their password or Facebook has changed the session for security reasons

You must click the refresh button on the Accounts page. This will not remove any scheduled posts.

You've got a login checkpoint! Please login to Instagram from your phone and confirm the login or action before trying to post again

You must reconnect your Instagram account

|ERROR -POST- Array ( [message] => Unknown Server Error. [status] => fail )

This usually means your image is too large or small for Instagram. We recommend using a minimum width of 1080 pixels, and a height between 566 and 1350 pixels (1080 x 566 - 1350)
1080x1080 is recommended for square images. To check the size of your image, click here:

Additionally, images that are over 800 KB sometimes get this error, even if they meet the dimension requirements. Try again with a smaller image if possible.

If your image meets these standards, sometimes this error message means Instagram's API had a temporary error. Try rescheduling the post.

|ERROR -05.1- IG M Error (Message):The password you entered is incorrect. Please try again. | bad_password | Array

You changed your Instagram password and must reconnect your Instagram account to OneUp.

We could not complete that request.Sorry! We blocked this link because it's a redirector and may lead to inappropriate content.

You used a link shortener with a Pinterest post that Pinterest blocked. Try again without using a link shortener.

Invalid or expire token

This either means either:
Your image was too large. Try using a smaller image.
Your Twitter account needs to be reconnected.

To check the size of your image, click here:

Tweet needs to be a bit shorter

Make sure you are under Twitter's 280 character limit.

Some error occured while configurint the post

This error normally occurs when you have exceeded Instagram's character limit of 2200.

If you have fewer than 2200 characters, this error sometimes occurs due to a temporary error on Instagram's end. Try rescheduling the post.

Invalid parameter

(#100) url should represent a valid URL

These errors normally occurs when you try to import a private photo via CSV upload or Chrome Extension.
Images imported via CSV or Chrome Extension have to be publicly accessible, and not in a private file such as Google Drive or Google Photos.

Another cause could be the image size being too large for Facebook. Try to keep images under 2048 x 2048 pixels and they should post fine. To check the size of your image, click here:

Client error: POST resulted in a 401 Unauthorized response: {"serviceErrorCode":65602,"message":"The token used in the request has expired","status":401}

You do not have sufficient permission. Please reconnect your linkedin accounts

To fix this, go to the Accounts page on OneUp and click the Refresh button on your LinkedIn account.

Client error: POST resulted in a 400 Bad Request response: {"message":"com.linkedin.publishing.util.common.ResponseException: ShareCommentary text length (1918 characters) exceede (truncated...)

This error means your post exceeded LinkedIn's character limit of 1300 characters.

An unexpected error has occurred. Please retry your request later.

This means there was a temporary error on Facebook's side and normally clears up after a few minutes.

Please reduce the amount of data you're asking for, then retry your request

This is a known Facebook API bug, that affects many parts of their API. They have stated that the cause is their servers run out of memory. You can try rescheduling your post. If it still doesn't work, wait a few hours and try again.

Undefined index: redirect_url

There was a temporary Instagram issue. You can reschedule your post.

We do not support video publishing to Instagram yet

Unfortunately OneUp does not support video posts to Instagram at this time.

Some unknown error occurred. Please contact support.

This error comes from Instagram (meaning you do not need to contact OneUp support). This means your Instagram account needs to be reconnected. On the Accounts page of OneUp, click the Refresh button.

Not valid video

This means your video is longer than Twitter's video length limit of 2:20, or it was an invalid video format.

Instagram requires image

Instagram posts need to have an image in them.

Pinterest requires source URL in the post

Pinterest posts through OneUp require a link in the post. You can add a link in the text of your post and it will automatically be extracted as the pin link.

Some error occured. Please refresh the account.

This error normally happens when you have 2-factor authentification on your Pinterest account. Remove the 2-factor authentication in your Pinterest account settings, then refresh your Pinterest account connection in OneUp.
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