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OneUp is not connecting all of my accounts

9/15/23 UPDATE: Facebook's API is experiencing a bug that is not allowing some Facebook Pages to be connected to OneUp (this issue is affecting ALL Facebook scheduling tools). We are monitoring the situation here, and are hopeful that Facebook resolves it soon:

If you are having issues connecting an Instagram account, click here.

If OneUp is not showing all your Facebook Pages, Facebook Location Pages, Facebook Groups, or Instagram accounts, you must go to your Facebook Business Integrations, and make sure all the accounts you want to connect to OneUp are authorized.

From Facebook on a computer, go to "Settings & privacy" -> "Settings" -> Security and login" -> "Business Integrations" (or click here to go there).

If you are trying to connect Facebook Location Pages, you must add your personal Facebook profile (and not just your parent Facebook Page) as the Admin of all the Location Pages. After doing so, you will be able to connect all of the Location Pages to your OneUp account. Click here for more help on connecting a Facebook Location Page.

Note: OneUp does not work with Facebook Groups that you are not an admin of.
Note: Your personal profile must be admin of the Facebook Group you are trying to connect. You cannot connect your Group to OneUp if only your Page is an admin of your Group.

Then click the "View and edit" button on the OneUp integration:

Then check all of the boxes for the accounts that you want to connect to OneUp:

NOTE: If you don’t see any individual Pages listed in these screens, it means that you’ve previously granted OneUp permissions to access all Pages, which is the ideal setup. In this case, you won’t need to check any Pages here, and instead you’ll need to reestablish the authorization by following these steps.

NOTE: Make sure you are authorizing all permissions for any Facebook or Instagram accounts that you want to connect to OneUp. For Instagram accounts, this includes authorizing permissions for each Facebook Page that is linked to an Instagram account that you'd like to connect.

After, go back into your OneUp account and click the Facebook Connect (or Instagram Connect) button on the Accounts page. This should now bring in all Facebook Pages and Groups (or Business Instagram accounts) that you are an admin on.

Google My Business accounts

If you are not seeing all your GMB accounts, make sure you are connecting the email address associated with the GMB account.

LinkedIn accounts

If you are trying to connect a LinkedIn Company Page, your personal LinkedIn Profile must be a "Super Admin" on the Company Page (being only a "Content Admin" will not work).

If you are not a "Super Admin", please either ask the Super Admin to access your OneUp account and connect the Company Page for you, OR ask that they make you a Super Admin as well.

Updated on: 09/15/2023

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