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What does the "150 post limit" on the Starter Plan mean?

The Starter Plan has a post limit of 150.

This is not a weekly or monthly limit, but rather the maximum number of scheduled post that you can have at any given time.


You schedule 150 posts. Once 1 of them publishes (moving your total scheduled posts to 149), you can schedule 1 more post to top it back up to 150 scheduled posts.

Once 20 more posts have published (moving your total scheduled posts to 130), you can schedule 20 more posts to top it back up to 150 scheduled posts.


If I schedule a single post to 3 different accounts, does that count as 1 scheduled post or 3 scheduled posts?
That would count as 3 scheduled posts.

If I schedule a repeating post, does that count as only 1 post?
If you schedule a repeating post, it only counts as 1 scheduled post (no matter how many times it's set to repeat).

How can I get unlimited posts?
Every plan above the Starter Plan offers unlimited posts. You can upgrade your plan here.

Updated on: 07/04/2024

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