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Posting to Personal Facebook Profiles or Facebook Groups via mobile notifications

Facebook does not allow scheduling tools to post directly to personal Facebook Profiles OR Facebook Groups.

So instead, OneUp's mobile app will send you a notification each time your scheduled personal Facebook Profile or Facebook Group post is ready to be published.

You can download the OneUp app for iPhone here:

You can download the OneUp app for Android here:

TIP: It should be the first app if you search "OneUp social media" in either the App Store or Play Store

NOTE: Posts to Facebook Pages publish directly, and do not require notifications to your phone.

How to connect a personal Facebook Profile or Facebook Group:

On the Accounts page of OneUp, click the Facebook Connect button, and select your personal Facebook Profile (or Facebook Group):

After connecting your personal Facebook Profile, you must download AND login to the OneUp mobile app (logging in with the same email and password as your main OneUp account), and allow notifications (otherwise you will not receive reminders).

How to create a personal Facebook Profile (or Facebook Group) post

After your personal Facebook Profile is connected and you have both downloaded and logged into the OneUp mobile app, you are ready to create a post.

Click "Create a post"

Add your text description, and any photos or videos:

Then choose to either post once or repeat this post, and either "Post Now" or schedule it for a future date and time.

Click here to learn how to schedule Facebook Stories or Facebook Reels

How do personal Facebook Profile (or Facebook Group) notifications work?

You'll receive a push notification on your phone at the time you scheduled the post for.

Note: Please make sure you have allowed notifications from the OneUp mobile app. If you did not allow notifications when you first logged into the OneUp mobile app, you can allow them by following the steps here.

Tap the notification, and it will open your post in the OneUp mobile app:

Tap "Share this on Facebook", and your post caption will automatically be copied. Tap "Got it" and it will open the Facebook app with your image (if your post had one):

Then you are ready to paste in your caption. Tap in the caption box and you will get a "Paste" option.

Your caption was automatically copied previously, so you just need to paste it in:

You are now ready to share your post! 😊

TIP: If you miss a notification, you can find all your recent notifications in the Notification History tab in the mobile app:

NOTE: Please make sure you are logged into the Facebook app on the same device that you are receiving the notification from OneUp.

HELP TIP: If you click "Share this on Facebook" or "Share this on Instagram" in the OneUp mobile app and it just keeps spinning, here is how to fix that

Updated on: 05/15/2024

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