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When I post something on one social network, I want it to auto-post on another social network

Many people have requests like this:

I am looking to set something up so that when I post on Facebook directly, it automatically posts the same thing on my Google Business Profile.


I want to post to Twitter directly, but then have that post automatically go to LinkedIn as well.

Or some other combination like that.

Here is how to do it with OneUp.

In OneUp, go to "Auto-post FROM social network or RSS feeds":

Then choose either "Auto-post FROM a Facebook Page" or "Auto-post FROM a Twitter account":

Then paste in the URL of the Facebook Page or Twitter account that you want to post FROM:

Then choose which of your social accounts you want to post TO:

In this example, I have selected a Facebook Page and LinkedIn account as the accounts I want to post TO (but I could've selected more than 2 accounts)

Click "Add" and that's it!

Now whenever something is posted on that Facebook Page or Twitter account, it will automatically publish on the social account you have selected

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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