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Auto-generate captions for posts with AI

On the Create A Post page, you will see this "Auto-generate caption" button:

Once clicked, you can type in a prompt and it will automatically create a post for you:

Click the "Insert" button and the caption will be automatically added to your post, where you can make any edits or adjustments before scheduling the post:

How to write a good prompt

If you are not quite satisfied with the auto-generated caption, you can always add more details to your prompt.

For example, let's start with this prompt:

Now if I add "Be very formal" at the end, it comes up with this:

Next I can add "make it 3 paragraphs long":

I can also tell it to "use 10 hashtags":

You can also add phrases like these to the end of your prompts:

Use the word (insert word) in the post

Dont use the word (insert word) in the post

Use lots of emojis

Keep it under 280 characters

Use playful language

There are basically no limitations. You can tell it anything, and it will follow all your prompts 😊

NOTE: Your prompt does not need to start with "Write a social media post about...". You can write anything, and it will come up with a response.

For example, you can say "What are the most watched sports on tv in the USA":

Updated on: 03/10/2023

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