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Bulk scheduling help

To edit or select accounts for all posts at once, click on the blue banner at the top:

You can then bulk update all posts at once, and choose which accounts to post to for all your posts:

For example, if you select one of the accounts in the bulk update section, it will then select that account for all posts.
After making bulk changes, you can still make individual changes for each specific post.

You can choose a specific time and date for each individual post.

However, if you want to schedule them all with a specified interval between posts, click "Update interval between all posts".

Let's say you wanted your first post at 1PM, and then the next post at 2PM, the next at 3PM, etc.
To do that, you would choose a start time of 1PM, and an interval between posts of 60 minutes. (If you want 1 day between posts, choose 1440 minutes)

Click "Ok" and you will see the times of your posts updated:

Bulk scheduling help video

Updated on: 12/16/2020

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