Direct posting to Instagram is supported for Professional (aka Business) Instagram accounts, for single-image posts and video posts only. OneUp also supports adding a first comment to Instagram posts.

(We wish we could support direct posting to personal Instagram accounts as well as multi-image posts, but unfortunately this limitation comes from Instagram 😕)

However, OneUp supports personal Instagram accounts (and Business Instagram accounts with multi-image posts or Stories) via mobile notifications (see mobile notifications guide)

How to connect your Business Instagram account

On the Accounts page of OneUp, click the Instagram Connect button:

Then choose Instagram with direct posting

Complete the authorizations in Facebook

You will see this popup once complete 😊

NOTE: Only Business Instagram accounts that have been connected to a Facebook Page are supported for direct publishing. To convert your personal Instagram account to a Business account, click here. To connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram Business account, click here.

NOTE: Your Instagram account must be a "Professional" (aka Business) account. "Creator" Instagram accounts and personal Instagram are not allowed to publish directly, but can post via mobile notifications.
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