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Direct posting to Instagram

Direct posting to Instagram is supported for Professional (aka Business) Instagram accounts. OneUp also supports adding a first comment, Location tagging, and Reels for Instagram posts.

(We wish we could support direct posting to Stories and personal Instagram accounts, but unfortunately these limitations come from Instagram 😕)

However, OneUp supports personal Instagram accounts (and Business Instagram accounts for Stories) via mobile notifications (see mobile notifications guide)

How to connect your Business Instagram account

On the Accounts page of OneUp, click the Instagram Connect button:

Then choose Instagram with direct posting

Complete the authorizations in Facebook

You will see this popup once complete 😊

NOTE: Only Business Instagram accounts that have been connected to a Facebook Page are supported for direct publishing. To convert your personal Instagram account to a Business account, click here. To connect your Facebook Page to your Instagram Business account, click here.

NOTE: Your Instagram account must be a Business account. Creator and Personal Instagram accounts are not allowed to publish directly, but can post via mobile notifications.

Updated on: 09/27/2022

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