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Hashtags, Hashtag Groups, and hashtag suggestions

OneUp supports adding hashtags in posts. You can add hashtags to posts on all social networks.

NOTE: Hashtags will appear blue and clickable once published on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Stocktwits. You can add hashtags to Pinterest and Google Business Profile posts, but they do not support clickable hashtags.

To add hashtags, you can simply type them into your post:

Or if you use the same hashtags often, you can create Hashtag Groups by clicking the hashtag icon:

You can create as many Hashtag Groups as you want, and you can easily add all of the hashtags from a Hashtag Group into your post or First Comment by clicking the "Insert" button:

TIP: You can even save non-hashtag text that you use often (like a link or text snippet) so it's convenient to add to your post 😊

When creating a Hashtag Group in OneUp, you can click this "Get hashtag ideas" button:

Then enter your keyword, and OneUp will provide similar hashtag suggestions.
Just click "Add to hashtags" for any hashtags you like, and it will be added to your Hashtag Group:

Updated on: 05/16/2023

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