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How are RSS feeds counted?

Each unique RSS feed counts as 1 RSS feed.

If you have the same RSS feed connected to multiple social accounts, that still only counts as 1 RSS feed toward your limit.

If you need more RSS feeds, you can upgrade your plan.

It's saying I have exceeded my RSS feed limit, but I dont think I have?

If you add the same RSS feed URL to multiple accounts at the same time, it will only count as 1 RSS feed toward your limit.

However, if you add the same RSS feed URL NOT all at the same time (i.e. adding a feed to one account, then repeating the process with the exact same feed URL to another account), it counts each one as an additional RSS feed toward your overall limit.

In this case, you can delete the feed from all existing accounts, then add it again, selecting all accounts (including the new one) you want to post to.

Updated on: 05/14/2020

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