You can now create, schedule, and publish TikTok videos from OneUp. You will be able to schedule the video on OneUp and you will get a notification on your mobile once the video is ready, where you can add any elements you like.

Unfortunately TikTok does not allow any scheduling tools to post videos to TikTok directly (without using notifications)

To schedule a TikTok video with OneUp:

Connect your TikTok account on the Accounts page:

Go to the Create A Post page

Select which TikTok account you want to post to (if you have more than 1 connected)

Add a video to your post

NOTE: Your videos can only be a maximum of 60 seconds. This limitation comes from TikTok.

When it is time for the video to be posted, you will get a notification from TikTok. The notification lets you know when the video is ready.

Click on the notification and you will be redirected to TikTok to finalize creating your video.

Then, click on Next to proceed with adding elements to the video, sounds, voiceovers, or anything you would like.

Click on Next to finalize your video and add a caption, hashtags, or tag accounts.

The hashtag #OneUp is automatically added by TikTok to your post, but you can choose to keep it or remove it while finalizing the caption.

Then click Post to share your video.
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