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How to schedule Twitter Threads

After you have connected a Twitter account, click “Schedule Twitter Threads” in the Schedule Post dropdown.

Then select your category and Twitter account, and start creating your Twitter thread.

To add another part to your Twitter thread, click the “+” button. You can add as many parts to your thread as you want.

You can add images to any of the tweets in the thread by clicking the image icon, and just like on Twitter, you can up to 4 images to each tweet.

Once you’re finished, you can either post your thread now, or you can click “Schedule Post” to schedule your Twitter thread for the future.


Can I tag other people in my Twitter thread?

Yes, you can do so by adding their @username in your text.

Can I embed an existing tweet into a tweet in my Twitter thread?

Yes, you just copy the link to the existing tweet, then paste it into your thread in OneUp.

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Updated on: 04/07/2022

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