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How to use Categories

All posts in OneUp must belong to a category. When you are getting started, you will see that there is already a default category created, called "Category 1".

TIP: This name can be edited on the Category page, and new categories can also be created there.

Do I need more than 1 category?

No, you can certainly use just 1 category. The majority of OneUp users only have 1 category 😊

What are categories used for?

Categories allow you to group accounts together, then organize and filter posts by those categories. You can create as many categories as you'd like to keep your posts organized.

If you manage social media for multiple clients, it can be helpful to have an easy way to sort and organize posts.

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Is there any limit on the number of categories I can create?

Nope, you can create as many categories as you'd like 😊

How are other people using Categories?

Here are a few examples of how OneUp users utilize categories:

1. Managing accounts for multiple brands
It can help to separate accounts for different brands into categories.

If you are managing the social accounts for Honda and Toyota, you could create two categories called "Honda" and "Toyota", and place all the social accounts for Honda into the "Honda" category, and all the social accounts for Toyota into the "Toyota" category

You can then filter your queue and calendar view to only see posts only for the Honda social accounts.

2. Different post types
Some users separate posts by type of post, such as a categories labeled "Inspirational posts", "Memes", "GIFs", "Funny", "Promotional", etc.

Should I create a category for each social network?

Some people choose to create a category for each social network, such as categories labeled "Facebook posts", "Twitter posts", "Instagram posts", etc.

You can do this, however, it is not really necessary.

You can already filter your queue and your calendar view by specific account. When you do so, it shows you the posts scheduled for that account across all categories.

When I add a new account, it keeps automatically adding the account to my existing categories. Is there a way to disable this?

Yes. On the Accounts page of OneUp, you will see that this setting in toggled On by default:

You can toggle this this Off, and then newly connected account will not automatically be added to your categories.

If you do this, remember that you will have to add the newly connected account to at least 1 category to post to it though.

Updated on: 06/02/2022

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