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I have an auto-post from one social network to another set up. I posted on the one social network, but I am not seeing it on the other?

If you have an auto-post from one social network to another, and do not see your post published on the second social network, here is most likely why:

OneUp checks for new posts in your RSS feed once every 20 minutes.

However, when you create your source RSS feed (the social network you are posting FROM), you most likely used a tool like or FetchRSS.
Both of these tools only check for new posts in the source feed once every 24 hours on their free plans.

If you need a faster check time, you can upgrade to one of their higher plans (OneUp is not associated with either of these tools).

Once the post gets added to your feed, OneUp will post it within 20 minutes.

You can check your RSS feed URL to see if the post has been added to your RSS feed (you can find your RSS feed URL on the RSS page of OneUp)

Updated on: 01/26/2021

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