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My RSS feed is not working

If you are trying to add an RSS feed, you may be getting this error message:

First, make sure that your RSS feed is valid.
Most RSS feeds URLs will look something like this:

TIP: try adding "/feed/" to the end of your URL. For example, instead of "" try ""

If you put a valid RSS feed URL into the address bar of your browser, the results should look something like this:

If you have confirmed that your RSS feed URL is valid, you may still be getting the error message, depending on how your feed is set up.

In this case, go to and enter in your RSS feed URL.
It will then provide you with a new URL for your RSS feed.

Paste that new URL into OneUp and it should work fine.

If your RSS feed is an ATOM feed, it may be incompatible with OneUp. Try converting it to an RSS 2.0 feed and it should work fine.

Updated on: 07/21/2022

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