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Reestablishing authorizations for Facebook and Instagram account connections

If you are still having issues connecting your accounts after following all the previous steps, you'll need to remove OneUp from your Business Integrations in Facebook entirely, in order to then reestablish the authorization for OneUp for access your Facebook account with the correct permissions. You can do that by clicking the Remove button next to OneUp:

NOTE: This will disconnect any existing Facebook and Instagram channels you have connected to OneUp and those will need to be reconnected. However, these steps will NOT remove any scheduled or published posts from OneUp or from Facebook or Instagram. These steps only re-establish your connection.

A window will pop up asking if you want to remove OneUp with a check box at the bottom. Leave both check boxes unchecked and then click Remove.

Then, head back over to OneUp and try connecting your Instagram and/or Facebook accounts again.

We recommend checking "Select All" for both the Facebook and Instagram permission screens 👇

If you had both Facebook and Instagram accounts connected BEFORE removing OneUp from your Business Integrations, remember that you will need to click the Connect button for both Facebook AND Instagram again to reestablish the connection:

Updated on: 10/25/2022

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