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Timeslots help

NOTE: Timeslots are NOT the same as simply scheduling a post for a future date and time. To schedule a post for the future, just select "Choose date & time".

Creating a Timeslot allows you to set predetermined timeslots for your posts, such as every weekday at 12:30 PM.

When you choose "Add to Timeslot", that post will be added to the next unfilled Timeslot under that Category and Account. This way, you do not need to manually choose a date and time for each scheduled post.

You can create Timeslots here:

To create a Timeslot, select an account, and then add your Timeslots for that account:

For example, if you want to create a Timeslot at 2PM on Mondays, you would click here:

...And then you will see your Timeslot created.

If you want to create a Timeslot for every day or just weekdays, that can be done as well.

To add a post to your Timeslot, choose "Add to Timeslot" when scheduling a post:

It will then be added to your next open Timeslot (the furthest into the future) for the account(s) selected.

If you choose "Add to Timeslot" and choose an account that does not have a Timeslot created, the post will go to your Drafts folder.


If I choose "Add to Timeslot", can I still set that post to repeat?
Yes, you can still choose for posts added to your Timeslot to repeat. The post will repeat at the frequency you set based on the date and time it gets published.

However, the future instances of the repeating post will no longer be associated with the Timeslot, so make sure you aren't double scheduling 🙂

Are Timeslots compatible with bulk uploaded posts or RSS feed posts?
Unfortunately bulk uploaded posts and RSS feed posts are not compatible with Timeslots at this time.
Currently, only posts created from the Create A Post page or Twitter thread scheduler page can be added to a Timeslot.

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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