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What makes OneUp better than other scheduling tools?

Here are some of the features that set OneUp apart from other scheduling tools:

Support for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, and StockTwits (TikTok coming soon)

Set posts to automatically repeat

Drag & drop OR paste images right into the text box while creating your post

Customize your posts for each social network

Canva integration for adding Canva images directly onto your posts while scheduling

Media gallery where you can upload and store all your images, GIFs, and videos

Integration with Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels for adding free high-quality images to your posts

Schedule Twitter threads (with support for images, GIFs, and videos in threads)

Direct posting to Instagram (with option to add First Comment and Location)

Hashtag suggester, with ability to save your hashtags group

Post Preview to see how your post will look once it gets published

Schedule Instagram Stories and Reels (via mobile notifications)

GMB posts with CTA buttons (with option to add your post's image to the Photos section of GMB)

Schedule posts to your Facebook Group as either your Profile or Page

Drag & drop calendar view

Bulk uploading from your computer, Drive, Dropbox, or CSV

Auto-post via RSS feeds

Updated on: 02/18/2022

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