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Why do I need to refresh my account connection?

OneUp uses access tokens, which are provided by social networks, to connect to your social accounts. When an access token expires or becomes invalid, you must refresh your social account connection to OneUp. Doing this generates a new token.

Each social network has policies and security algorithms intended to keep its users’ accounts and data secure. When a social network identifies certain actions on an account, that social network forces its token to expire, which causes the account to disconnect from OneUp.

OneUp, like all external partners of social networks, is subject to these security measures. They are often more stringent for third parties than what you may experience using the social network itself. While disconnections can be frustrating, they occur to protect you.

Although some periodic disconnections are expected, you can avoid many others by adhering to some best practices. Learn how to safeguard against frequent disconnections.

Token expiration

Tokens expire due to the following:

A. Manual updates to your account settings, like changing a password.
B. The social networks forcing tokens to expire as a security measure.
C. Tokens reaching the end of their built-in lifespans.

A. Manual updates to your account settings, like changing a password
OneUp depends on settings you maintain in each social network. Making changes in a social network, such as Twitter or Instagram, can result in your account disconnecting from OneUp. Here are some changes that cause disconnections:

You change your username or password for a social account connected to OneUp. For example, if you sign in to Facebook and change your password, your Facebook account disconnects from OneUp.
You revoke OneUp’s access to your social account. Social accounts have settings that list which apps have permission to connect to your social account. OneUp must be included on that list if you want to publish to that social account from OneUp. If you manually revoke OneUp access from the social account settings, your account disconnects from OneUp. See Revoke OneUp access to social accounts.
If the user who added a social account to OneUp loses their Admin status or access to a Page or group, the account disconnects from OneUp.

B. The social networks forcing tokens to expire as a security measure
To keep your social account secure, a social network might disconnect the account from OneUp when it identifies certain behaviors. The following behaviors are likely to get flagged and should be avoided as a best practice:

Logging in with the same account credentials from different IP addresses. In other words, sharing logins between users or devices.
Using alias usernames that don’t appear to be real names.
Publishing content that gets flagged for copyright violations or other inappropriate content.

C. Token lifespans for each social network
Tokens from each social network can have built-in expiration dates, so that they don’t grant access to information forever. Sometimes the token lifespan will come to an end (even if nothing else has been done to cause a disconnection), and refreshing the account connection will be required.

Updated on: 06/10/2021

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