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Calendar view help

In the Calendar, you can filter your calendar to by Scheduled Posts or Published Posts:

You can also filter posts by specific social account or category in the left sidebar:

TIP: If you click the arrow in the top left corner, that will hide the sidebar, so you can see your post calendar in a bigger view.

If you have multiple posts scheduled for the same day, by default, OneUp will collapse posts under a "+ X more":

However if you check the "Expand all posts" box, then it will show you all your posts at the same time:

You can also send a Shareable Calendar Link to your clients or co-workers by clicking here:

Shareable Calendar Links provide a way for your clients or co-workers to easily get a visual on both Scheduled and Published posts - WITHOUT needing to give them login access or inviting them as a team member to your OneUp account.

Can I edit a post in the Calendar?
Yes, you can click on a post to edit the text, image, date, time, or delete the post. You can also drag and drop posts to different dates.

Can I create a post from the Calendar?
Yes, if you click on a date in the Calendar, OneUp will ask you if you would like to create a post on that date.

For repeating posts, you can only edit the nearest instance of the repeating post. You will not be able to edit future instances of a repeating post.

Updated on: 10/04/2023

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