If you are having issues connecting a Professional (aka "business") Instagram account, click here.

If OneUp is not showing all your Facebook Pages, Groups, or Instagram accounts, you must remove OneUp from your Facebook settings, then connect again.

Note: This will not affect any previously scheduled post from any previously connected Facebook Pages or Groups. They will remain scheduled and continue without interruption.

In Facebook, go to Settings, then Business Integrations (or click here to go there).

Then click the OneUp box and hit remove.

Then click Remove.

Warning: Do NOT check the box UNLESS you want it to delete all posts that were previously published through OneUp.

After, go back into your OneUp account and click the Facebook Connect (or Instagram Connect) button on the Accounts page. This should now bring in all Facebook Pages and Groups (or Business Instagram accounts) that you are an admin on.

Note: OneUp does not work with Facebook Groups that you are not an admin of.
Note: Your personal profile must be admin of the Facebook Group you are trying to connect. You cannot connect your Group to OneUp if only your Page is an admin of your Group.

If you do not want OneUp to connect to all your Pages or Groups, click "Choose what you allow" when connecting OneUp to Facebook, and deselect the Pages and Groups you do not want on OneUp.

Google My Business accounts

If you are not seeing all your GMB accounts, make sure you are connecting the email address associated with the GMB account.
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