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OneUp roadmap, product updates, changelog, and feature requests

To submit a feature request, you can send us a message on the chat, or email us at

On the roadmap:

- Reply to Facebook Page reviews
- Add to Timeslots from Bulk Upload

Recently added features:

βœ… March 2024

Schedule Collab posts on Instagram

You can now tag others as collaborators on Instagram posts πŸ€“

Collab posts typically get more impressions and engagement than regular posts on Instagram.

βœ… March 2024

Invite clients (who are not team members on your OneUp account) to connect an account

Previously, it was tricky to connect a client's account to OneUp if you weren't also admin of their social accounts.

You could invite them as a team member, and then ask them to connect it. But maybe you don't want clients to be team members on your OneUp account. And maybe your clients don't want to create an account for yet another thing…

The solution: You can now give clients a link to connect their social accounts to OneUp, WITHOUT them needing to create a OneUp account 😎

The link your client's receive will give them the ability to connect (or refresh the connection of) their social accountsβ€”but NOT anything else:

βœ… March 2024

Previously, if you have a lot of items in your Media Gallery in OneUp, it was hard to find the image or video you were looking for.

Now you can add a tag (or multiple tags) to images and videos:

You can search the Media Gallery for tagged images or video to add onto your posts.

βœ… March 2024

Search for posts in the Queue

You can now search for posts by keyword in OneUp πŸ™‚

Helpful if you have a bunch of posts and you're trying to find a specific post.

βœ… February 2024

Add notes on days in the Calendar

Sometimes you may want to add a note to a date in the calendar as a placeholder for a future post, or to remind yourself to not post something that day.

When you click on a date in the Calendar, you will now see the option to β€œAdd Note” on that date:

Your note will appear like a yellow Post-It in the Calendar:

βœ… January 2024

Social Inbox for replying to DMs

You can now reply to Instagram and Facebook DMs inside OneUp

βœ… November 2023

Add tags on YouTube videos

You can now add tags to your YouTube videos and Shorts in OneUp:

βœ… November 2023

Create AI-generated images

You can now create AI-generated images in OneUp.

Type in any prompt to create your image:

βœ… November 2023

Facebook Stories

You can now post Facebook Stories to Facebook Pages with OneUp

βœ… November 2023

OneUp’s mobile app

You can now create, schedule, and manage posts on the go with OneUp's mobile app.

Click here to get the app (both iPhone and Android)

βœ… October 2023

Documents are supported on LinkedIn posts

You can now add PDF, PPT, PPTX, DOC, and DOCX files to your LinkedIn posts, which means Carousel LinkedIn posts are now supported in OneUp.

βœ… September 2023

Schedule posts on the new Threads social network

Posting to Threads is now supported in OneUp.

βœ… August 2023

Get AI-suggested replies to Google reviews in any language

Previously, OneUp would only give suggested replies in English to reviews (even if the review was in another language).

Now, if your reviews are in a language other than English, you can click "Suggest reply in original language" and OneUp will suggest a reply in the same language of the review:

βœ… August 2023

Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to input dynamic content into your post, specific for each social account.

For example, if you have 2 Facebook Pages, both with different addresses, you can add "visit us at {{ Address }}" to your post and it will add the unique address to each Facebook Page's post. Learn More

βœ… August 2023

2-Factor Authentication

2FA has been added in OneUp, and can be enabled here:

βœ… July 2023

Bulk upload videos

You can now bulk upload up to 20 videos at a time from the Bulk Upload section.

βœ… July 2023

TikTok captions can now be up to 2,200 characters in OneUp

Previously TikTok captions could only be 150 characters in OneUp.

Now your TikTok caption can be up to 2,200 characters, just like on the TikTok app! (and yes, OneUp posts DIRECTLY to TikTok πŸ€“)

βœ… June 2023

Tag users in images of Instagram posts

You can now tag users in images on Instagram posts. Click here to learn more

βœ… June 2023

Post directly to Creator Instagram accounts

You can now post DIRECTLY to Creator Instagram accounts (images, Reels, and Stories) with OneUp 😊

βœ… June 2023
Post approvals

On the Team Member page of OneUp, you will now see the option "Require post approvals" for any team members on your OneUp account:

Team members with "Require post approvals" can create posts and choose a scheduled date and time, but the post will NEED to be approved by an admin.

βœ… June 2023
Internal notes on posts

On all posts, you can now add internal notes and @mention team members to collaborate.

If you @mention a team member, they will receive an email from OneUp notifying them that they were mentioned in an internal note.

βœ… May 2023

Direct posting to Instagram Stories

You can now post directly to Instagram Stories with OneUp (for Business Instagram accounts only).

OneUp allows you to post single-image or multi-image Stories, or video Stories.

And if you have multiple Instagram accounts, you can even post Stories to multiple IG accounts at the same time πŸ€“

βœ… May 2023

Video posts to Pinterest

You can now schedule videos πŸŽ₯ to Pinterest with OneUp πŸ€“

That means that 1 video can now be posted to Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, YouTube Shorts, LinkedIn, and Twitter - all at the same time with OneUp!

βœ… April 2023

Facebook Reels

You can now schedule Facebook Reels with OneUp!

That means you can now post your videos directly to Facebook Reels, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok all at the same time with OneUp πŸ€“

βœ… April 2023

Assign specific social accounts to team members

You can now assign specific social accounts to team members in your OneUp account, and add other team members as admins of the account 😊

Now, team members will only be able to see and post to social accounts that they have been granted access to (and they won't be able to see or post to any accounts that they have not been granted access

βœ… April 2023

Direct posting to TikTok is now supported πŸŽ‰

That means you can now schedule and post directly to TikTok, Reels, and Shorts at the same time!
In OneUp, you can also choose a thumbnail for your TikTok videos.
Captions, hashtags, and mentions are all supported as well πŸ€“

βœ… April 2023

Upload a thumbnail from your computer for Instagram Reels

Previously you could only choose a frame of your video as your Instagram Reel’s thumbnail.
Now, you can upload an image from your computer as the thumbnail for your IG Reel:

βœ… February 2023

You can now get suggested replies to Google reviews (so you don't need to manually write replies)

When replying to a Google review in OneUp, you will now see this "Suggest a reply" button:

When you click "Suggest a reply", OneUp will automatically generate a suggested reply to the review using the magic of ChatGPT.

The suggested replies are REALLY good... but of course you can make any edits or tweaks before submitting the reply.

If you reply to a bunch of Google reviews, this will probably save you a TON of time πŸ€“

βœ… February 2023

Auto-generate captions for your posts with A.I.

On the Create A Post page, you will now see this "Auto-generate caption" button:

βœ… February 2023

Add Alt Text to images

OneUp now supports adding Alt Text to images for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts πŸ€“

βœ… February 2023

Add a first comment to posts on a Facebook Page

You can now add a first comment on your scheduled Facebook Page posts (OneUp already supports adding a first comment on Instagram and LinkedIn posts as well 😊)

βœ… January 2023

View and reply to Google Business Profile reviews in OneUp

You will now see "Reviews" in the top nav bar πŸ‘‡

If you have Google Business Profile(s) connected, it will show you all the reviews for each location.

You can click filter reviews by:
- specific location
- reviews that haven't been replied to
- newest, highest, or lowest rating

And then you can reply directly to reviews from your OneUp account 😊

βœ… December 2022

Search and add GIFs directly to your post

You can now search for GIFs to add to your post inside OneUp while you are creating your post:

βœ… December 2022

YouTube and YouTube Shorts are now supported!

You can now schedule YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts with OneUp:

βœ… December 2022

Auto-post FROM one social network TO another

Let's say that anytime something is posted on your Facebook Page (regardless of whether it's posted via OneUp or not) want the same thing posted to your Google Business Profile.

You can now do this easily inside of OneUp! Just go here:

Then choose either "Auto-post FROM a Facebook Page" or "Auto-post FROM a Twitter account":

Here is the full guide for how to auto-post FROM one social network to another.

βœ… November 2022

Create hashtag groups

You can now create hashtag groups in OneUp, then click the "Insert" button and all the hashtags in that Hashtag Group will be added onto your post (or First Comment):

You can create as many hashtag groups as you wish.

You can even save non-hashtag text that you use often (like a link or text snippet) so it's convenient to add to your post 😊

βœ… November 2022

Option to share Instagram Reel to feed

While scheduling an Instagram Reel, you will now see the option to share the Reel to your Instagram feed:

βœ… November 2022

Auto-split long text into a Twitter thread

On the Twitter Thread Scheduling page in OneUp, if you add a long text to the first tweet of your thread, you will now see this "Split" button:

Updated on: 03/20/2024

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