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Upgrade plan FAQs

I signed up for a 7-day trial of one plan, but instead want to trial a different plan. How can I switch plans on the trial?

If you wish to trial a different plan, please send an email to
If you click "Upgrade Plan" and purchase a different plan, it will be immediately charged (no longer a 7-day trial).

If I am on a trial and move to a paid plan before the end of the trial, will I get charged twice?

No, you will only get charged once. Your previous trial subscription will be cancelled.

I am already on a paid plan, but want to upgrade to a higher plan. Will I get credit for the unused time on my previous plan?

Yes, you will automatically receive credit for the unused time on your previous plan when you upgrade.

What is OneUp's cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy can be found here.

Updated on: 07/20/2020

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