Each Facebook Page, Facebook Group, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Twitter account, Pinterest account, Instagram account, and Google My Business location that are connected to OneUp count as 1 social profile.

For example, if you connected 3 Facebook Pages and 2 Twitter accounts, and a Google My Business account with 5 locations, that would count as 10 total social profiles. Each Google My Business location counts as a social profile, whether they are all connected to the same GMB account or not. Click here for more info on Google My Business accounts.


I have 6 Facebook Pages and 3 Facebook Groups that I run. How many social profiles is this?
That would be 9 social profiles.

Do personal Facebook profiles count as a social profile?
No, Facebook does not allow scheduling tools to work with personal Facebook profiles, so your personal profile will not be added to OneUp, and it will not count as a social profile.

I have a personal LinkedIn Profile and a LinkedIn company page. Does this count as 2 social profiles?
Yes, that would count as 2 social profiles.
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